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Powerful trailers

Heavy transports need a powerful trailer. In cooperation with you, we develop and produce trailers such as trailers, semi low loaders, platform trailers and tipper trailers according to your wishes. Because of our many years of experience in building trailers that are used all over the world, we can supply the right LinTrailers for almost any type of transport.

Semi-deep veins

Our semi low loaders are available in different variations. As 2-, 3-, 4-, 5- and 6-axle, fixed or extendable, with aluminum ramps or hand and spring operated aluminum ramps or hydraulic ramps single or two-piece, full width or with a space in the middle.

It is also possible for us to build in wheel wells for the transport of large Wheelloaders or Combines, widening supports insertable or built-in extendable.

Platform trailers

Our Plateau trailers which can be delivered in different variations.
Available as 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-axle, fixed or extendable, with rigid - or trailing steered - or hydraulically forced steered axles.

Also, each trailer can be equipped with a tarpaulin body or verdeck or as a sliding tarpaulin body on request.

Multifunctional center axle trailers

The multifunctional centre-axle trailers, as 2 and 3 axle, which ensure that without exceeding the legal axle load, the necessary ballast can be transported.

Tipper trailers

The tipper trailers, as 2 and 3 axle, in the composition that you require, a steel chassis with aluminum body or aluminum chassis with Hardox body or steel chassis with Hardox body, in any desired size, the body is produced, with doors or cover, for closing you can also choose for tarpaulin automatically or manually.

Multipurpose container chassis

The Multifunctional container chassis, as 2-, 3- and 4-axle. By being able to telescope at the front and rear, it is possible to load any type of container from 20-, 30-, 2 x 20-, 40-, & 45 Ft. As well as High cub containers, with elevator axles, rigid - or trailing steered - or hydraulically forced steered axles.

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